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Summary for Sub-grandstand H/K

The 2015 Shanghai F1 Grand Prix will be held on April 10th-12 in Shanghai F1 International Circuit. Grandstand H/K area, known as the Schumacher grandstand, is located in the straight after the hairpin, the majority of overtaking here, from the price is very good.


Grandstand H/K area of the construction area of about 23324 square meters, the top side bleachers membrane structure is complement each other 26 flower Tingting old "Lotus" umbrella.


At the end of side stands on both sides of H area and K area is located in the "on" - shaped track most grow straight, on the whole track the most narrow, the most dangerous of the 14 hairpin, echo each other at a distance. The audience here can clearly see the car to 6 files of 327 km / h speed shift very suddenly decelerate to 2 file 88 km / h speed tangent into the corner, any small mistakes can make the car out of control out of the track, so here is an excellent place for overtaking.



Grandstand H/K zone is also called the Schumacher stand, it is straight after the hairpin, and straight at the end of the brake roar or exciting, most overtaking will appear here, from the price is very good.


The ticket price of grandstand H/K is 1180 yuan each.

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