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Honda has been agreed by the FIA, Upgrade Engine in This Season

FIA has allowed Honda in the 2015 season with Ferrari, Renault, Mercedes continues to develop as the engine.


Because Ferrari have found the gaps – is not stated in the contest rules engine is certified by a specific date, FIA but temporary relaxed rules engine development freeze, allowing Ferrari, Renault and Mercedes continued during the season to upgrade the engine. However, the Federation said then that because the Honda is a new manufacturer, they have than the other three are more than a year of development time, should apply new rules, and with reference to a time years ago must be submitted before February 28, 2015, certified materials. This caused Japan manufacturer's discontent, arguing that they have been treated unfairly, during the season at a disadvantage.


On Monday, Honda sent representatives with FIA F1 race Director Charlie whiting met for consultations. After the Whiting changed his mind and agreed to give Honda some upgraded space in season, get the same treatment as far as possible with the other three manufacturers.


On Friday, Whiting told the teams issued a notice, which wrote: "2015 power unit of four manufacturers will be at the beginning of the season to complete the certification, we believe that every manufacturer should enjoy equal opportunities for promotion in season. ”


Under the rules, 2015 season, Ferrari, Renault and Mercedes for 32 smaller units in the power unit is improved overall of about 48%. Understandable is a part of the upgrade will be completed during the winter, and another left into the season as the situation changes and be. According to Whiting's explanation, Honda in season, you can adjust the number of available quantity will take the other three manufacturers of the season average.


Whiting said: "we think manufacturers may improve the number of items should be identical to the number of quotas that can be used by other manufacturers-to take three of their averages. For example: if (2015) three manufacturers in 2014 at the start of the season there were 8, 7 and 5 small unit has not improved, then the new manufacturer can be adjusted in 6 locations in season (average rounded down). ”


2014 final round of tests in Abu Dhabi, Honda engine debut creating a bad impression, a total of only a mere 5 miles. According to people familiar with the matter said late last year, Honda engine dyno test results are far from encouraging, miles could not be reached for a game. Today, were allowed to continue to upgrade engines for Honda in the season is a good news.

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