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F1 first-day Test: Ferrari Fastest

The first round of 2015F1 held pre-season test track in Jerez, as the first test of the new year, Ferrari's Vitel 1:22.620 to the top of the second Erickson sauber. The champion team - Mercedes Rosberg third, the Germans ran 157 laps, the day the most mileage. For the first time driving McLaren Alonso encounter electronic fault measured only 6 rings.

Today's test only 7 teams to participate in the. India power because the car is not ready, the direct selection of absent this wheel test. But Ruths is because the car did not timely to track, so there is no today unveiled.
Vitel 1:22.620 of the fastest lap from the afternoon, make in the short distance test. The Germans once because the sensor problem, long-term retention in the repair station. Sauber's Erickson 0.157 seconds behind qualifying second, he was once in the morning and round, triggered the first red flag of the season.

World Championship winning team - Mercedes AMG Nico Rosberg lap is ranked the third, the Germans are all day test mileage with most of the drivers, ran 157 times as much. Sauber have more than doubled than the closest. At a rapid pace of trigeminal star entered the work program, Rosberg successfully completed several times running.
Red Bull Racing Ricardo ranked fourth, Australians today not so lucky. He was first in the morning because of engine failure and frustration, the afternoon encounter battery fault, all day only tested 35 ring. The Williams team of Botas and Red Bull team two little Carlos Sainz at P5 and P6, the latter because of anchored straight, triggering another red flag today.

For the first time driving McLaren's Fernando Alonso, today the work progress is not smooth. The Spaniard for electronic system fault, only ran 6 laps.


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