Formula 1 Chinese Grand Prix
2024 Formula 1 Chinese Grand Prix Tickets
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2024 Formula 1 Chinese Grand Prix Tickets


Ticket Service for Formula 1 Chinese Grand Prix.

Grandstand Club Introduction:

Show the best of your corporate image

No other place than the elegant suites with customized decoration better match with your supreme corporate image. You may choose to open your Grandstand Club suite to every guest or make it a private place, which will satisfy the need of both communication and privacy. In identified, fashionable and vivid style, your corporate culture is spread. Being a host here, you may put posts of your brand or products, provide promotion leaflets or gifts, and communicate with guests.



A place to meet, a place to conduct business

Vibrant, cosmopolitan and glamorous, the Grandstand Club offers a smart and discreet backdrop for business. Making the right connections, networking and entertaining, it is the perfect place to host clients and is the ideal way to initiate or close a business trip.



Great status, great view

Opposite to the pit lane, starting grid, podium and 6 giant TV screens that live broadcast the race, the location of the Grandstand Club guarantees unbeatable views, but escaped from the loud noise. While stepping out of the doors, you are right encountered by the roar and heat of the race.



Luxurious venue for the very important you

Guests in the comparative private area in the Grandstand Club enjoy more. To create a comfortable and relaxed haven around you, the Grandstand Club suites are equipped with air-conditioning, plasma TV sets, mini bar and elegant furniture.



Elegant cuisine around the clock

Prepared by 5 hotels, the fine food enjoyed by VIPs in the Grandstand Club rivals that of the world’s leading restaurant. Our excellent cuisine and wine guarantee a variety of succulent flavors all day long.



Privileged parking and personalized service

By simply following the Grandstand Club indications you will arrive at the privileged F1 Grandstand Club Parking Area, located close by the main grandstand. Service professionals are provided to each suite. Guests will be surrounded by convenience once arrived.



Premium passes and gifts

Only a Grandstand Club pass is good enough for your outstanding status. Smart F1 gifts will add to the exquisite memory of everyone’s Grand Prix experience.


See more, do more, enjoy more

The Grandstand Club is also about having fun. With visits to the vending area and various other entertainments available, there is always plenty to do.



Experience the high atmosphere on the track

Each Grandstand Club guest has the priority of visiting the circuit, and will be led to the awarding ceremony.

Grandstand Tickets:

The best place to watch the event for 2015 Formula 1 UBS Chinese Grand Prix. The seats are located at the middle area of the Grandstand A-high which is facing the starting grid. You can see the pit lane clearly and enjoy the start and the finish. There are 6 big screens helping you catch any cream of the event.

Grandstand A High:
The seats are located next to the A-platinum area. The best place to overlook the whole track. You can see the pit lane clearly and enjoy the start. The east area will also allow you to watch the podium ceremony. There are 6 big screens helping you catch any cream of the event.

Grandstand A Low:
The seats are located at the lower level of the Grandstand A which is the closest area to the track and pit lane. It's the best place to watch the start and event the podium ceremony. There are 6 big screens helping you catch any cream of the event.

Sub-Grandstand H/K:
The trandstand is located at the end of the longest straight of the circuit, since you are facing the most exciting hairpin, you can see the cars reduce their speed from the top to the lowest. Also there are big screens helping you catch any cream of the event.

Grandstand B:
The grandstand is facing the curve 1 to 4. Since it's the first twisty section after the starting, every facer will try his best to take himself a better position in the place. Also, it's facing the exit of the pit lane so more competitions will be presented here.

Grass L:
The grass area L is just next to the Grandstand A. You can see the finish line and event the podium here.

Grass C:
The grass area C is facing the No.6 curve which is the first hairpin of the track. Also you can see curve 7 and curve 8 which form the only long "S" of the track.

Grass F:
The grass area F is facing the longest straight. You will see the cars running at their top speed in front of you.

Grass J:
The grass area J is facing the most exciting hairpin. Cars are very likely to skid off the track here.

About one round-trip ticket for Shanghai subway:

1. The ticket can be used once for a round trip, including two trips, on all rail transit lines in Shanghai(excluding the maglev line).
2. The ticket is scanned in and out, and one trip is taken out for every scanning out.
3. The loss-reporting service is not available for used tickets.
4. The refund service is not available for used tickets.
5. The ticket is only for the use during the period of the event.