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Grosjean: Haas brake issues not a major worry for Melbourne

2016-03-07 14:34
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Romain Grosjean is confident Haas can solve their brake-by-wire issues ahead of the first race in Australia, despite having just one more day of track running before the season opener.


Problems with the braking system contributed to Grosjean taking two trips into the gravel in Barcelona on Thursday, with the Frenchman describing his high-speed spin at Turn 1 in the afternoon as if "someone pulled the handbrake at the end of the straight."


"I think it will be solvable for Melbourne," Grosjean said. "We have really seen what the problem is - for the first time we know where it comes from - and for tomorrow (Friday) hopefully we'll have a fix.


"This a very complicated system - we had the [same] issue at Lotus in 2014 - and as the car is going quicker this week we are finding more issues with that system.


"We really need to get on top of things, because it's hurting us in terms of preparation, performance and setting up the car."


Despite the issue, which was the latest setback for the American team following a fuel system issue and a turbo failure over the last two days, Grosjean was able to complete 78 laps on Thursday, though he admitted to being slightly more hesitant behind the wheel after his mishaps.


"I wasn't 100 percent confident when I braked for Turn 1 when I got back on track," he revealed. "I probably braked 20 metres earlier than I should have!"


Grosjean will have his final stint in the VF-16 on Friday morning, before handing the Ferrari-powered machine over to team mate Esteban Gutierrez for the final afternoon of the pre-season.

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