Formula 1 Chinese Grand Prix

Webber demoted to 11th, promoting Perez

2012-09-24 13:39
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Mark Webber has been demoted to 11th by the stewards after they deeming the Red Bull driver "left the track and gained an advantage when he rejoined."

Webber had finished 10th to score a single point after a difficult race, but a retrospective drive-through penalty, which comes in the form of a 20-second time addition, pushed him a place lower, promoting Sergio Perez to 10th.

The penalty was the result of a battle between the Australian and Kamui Kobayashi, which Webber believed had been a clean one, though he respected the stewards decision.

"It was a difficult weekend for me," said Webber. "It's not easy to overtake at this track, so you’re making your life hard when you have a bad qualifying. You need a bit of luck to make progress and I didn’t have any!

"I thought Kobayashi and I had a good clean fight, but the stewards thought otherwise and I respect their decision."

A statement from the governing body added: "Notwithstanding that the distance by which car 2 [Webber] left the circuit was minimal, advantage was gained hence a breach did in fact occur. Such a breach has consistently attracted a drive-through penalty."

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