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How to Booking F1 Tickets Online

2015-01-23 11:00
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Open the F1 booking site:, the page will display different price categories and price. According to the need to choose the price category, and then fill in the quantity to buy in the corresponding price, and then click the corresponding prices behind the "add to cart" button, you can enter into my shopping cart. Check the price, time and quantity of correct, click the settlement into the settlement page.


1, in the settlement of the page, first of all need to select the distribution method. If you need to express delivery, please choose express delivery; if you want to own the tickets at the ticket office or racing field, select the customer pickup. After finish, click save to enter the next step.


2, the next need to fill out the purchase / take a person information. If express delivery, need to fill in detailed information of buyer / recipient, including name, address, contact telephone number; if the customer himself, to fill out the pickup information, if the overseas user or no Chinese mobile phone number, must fill in the email, in order to facilitate the contact. After then click Save to enter the next step.


3, the next choice is payment method. support online payment, bank transfer and cash on delivery; according to the purchase price and the delivery address is different, may be some method of payment is not supported, please refer to the actual display shall prevail. Internet payment can use PayPal payment by credit card issuing bank, if there is UnionPay, China card, can also choose to UnionPay card payment; remittance refers to the bank counter or ATM or Internet banking will amount to our designated account, then the payment document upload or send e-mail to us, for finance personnel manual confirmation; cash on delivery means tickets sent to after the payment, generally support the cash and credit card (nionPay). After then click Save to enter the next step.


4, through the above operation, you can enter the last express company or self mode selection. If in the first step is the choice of courier delivery, here we need to choose the corresponding Express Company; if the choice is customer pickup, here is the point of sale himself and racing field himself two, please choose according to their own needs. Point of sale waiting please work in time to the designated locations to collect the tickets, the best is make a phone call in advance to confirm the site himself; needs in the event during the booking office or its designated place tickets, unable to collect the tickets in advance.


5, if have what special requirements on the seating area, can fill in the order remarks, but only for reference.


6, the above after check, click submit order, will jump to the payment page. Note that, if the page is not jump, is probably the speed reasons, please wait for a while to wait for the page to jump to a payment page.

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