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Method of Payment for Booking F1 Tickets

1. Online Bank

PayPal is enabled for International Credit Card. You may pay extra money for handling fee by third company. Or if you have Chinese Bank Card with UnionPay, also you can pay by this card without handling fee.

2. Bank Transfer or Bank Remittance

Bank: Shanghai Branch, China Merchants Bank

Account Number: 6214 8502 1084 0507

Account Holder: Mei Xiaofeng

Swift Code: CMBCCNBS051

Chinese for Reference:

银    行:招商银行上海分行

账    号:6214 8502 1084 0507


After transferred or remitted, please send the pay bill to service@021f1.com by email. The ticket(s) cannot be reserved till receiving payment. DO NOT write anything in the postscript or comment of receipt or bill.

3. Pay at Office

Come to our office to pay by cash. The ticket(s) cannot be reserved till receiving payment.

4. Cash on Delivery  

Supported only for Shanghai local users, you may pay by cash or cheque.

If you can understand Chinese, please visit our Chinese site: www.021f1.com to make an order and pay.

Any other information, please send email to service@021f1.com.

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「A」Hi, please send email to service@021f1.com, included your order number inside the email.「View」