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F1 Racing Will Install High Speed Camera, For Accident Analysis

2015-03-01 13:20
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Due to the lack of clear video, Alonso accident investigation progress last week is not very well. There is only one side of the track record of the accident the camera picture, but the video resolution is very low.

Whether in the test or the game crash, cause there are some uncertainty. But if the FIA forced the teams to the car mounted on a high-speed camera, so this problem will not exist. And this relates to Motor Sport Council high-speed camera proposals will be conducted next month on a vote.

At present, the plan has been agreed with the F1 teams and executives.

The revised terms are as follows: "in order to analyze the cause of the accident, each car will force the installation of a high speed camera provided by the supplier as specified by the fia."

"Every car must install the camera in the game and test. (only in the exclusive interior test team can not install)"

"The team must try to ensure that the camera can at all times in the work of the state, and the camera must be based on FIA instructions to setup at the specified location."

The FIA also hope that drivers must wear the acceleration detection device in the game, which will be helpful for the impact of data collection.

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